An Important Message to Our Clients Regarding Our Procedures


Tenant Representation, Exclusive Buyer or Seller Agent

Having an exclusive real estate agent during the leasing or selling process, an arrangement known in leasing as "tenant representation" and in buying and selling as "Buyer's Agent" or "Exclusive Listing Agent," is an ideal way to protect your interests and negotiate the best deal. Through Media Real Estate, a skilled commercial broker serving as your exclusive agent will:

  • Meet with you to determine what type and amount of space is needed
  • Define the geographic area to be searched
  • Prepare a market overview with appropriate properties to include for consideration
  • Provide property, building, and space comparisons
  • Manage the many details of leasing or selling a property
  • Negotiate the best lease or sale terms
  • Help avoid potential problems
  • Provide access to unlisted available properties
  • Prepare accurate, professional documentation

Who Pays? In leasing, landlords pay brokers for the rental income-stream that tenants bring to the building. In sales, the seller typically pays a commission to cooperating brokers.

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