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Renters Insurance Coverage

While we are proud of our reputation for quality of life and safety, accidents happen, even when people are careful. But damage caused by a resident is usually the financial responsibility of that resident, not the property owner. These accidents, such as bathtubs overflowing, kitchen fires or damage to the common areas, can create significant financial hardship for apartment residents. That is why liability or property damage insurance is required in our lease.

To fulfill your lease obligation, all new and renewing residents are required to provide evidence of liability or property damage insurance at a minimum limit of $100,000. You may choose the insurance company and policy limits that are most appropriate for your situation, providing the minimum coverage level is satisfied. If you arrange your own policy, simply provide proof of this coverage, with the name of the Apartment Community you are moving into (ex: Yorktowne Apartments) listed as an "additional interest" or "interested party."

Please note that the community's insurance does not cover a resident's possessions if they are damaged or stolen. To obtain coverage for your possessions, we strongly recommend you purchase a policy that includes "contents" insurance.

For the convenience of residents that do not have a specific insurance agent identified, we have arranged for a convenient, affordable insurance option for each of our communities. First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company has made available Renters Insurance Select, an insurance program developed for multifamily residents. There is no application and acceptance is guaranteed for residents of any of our communities.


As a convenience for our residents, First American has made available Renters Insurance Select. As you make your renter's insurance decision, please keep in mind the following:

  • Proof of a $100,000 minimum liability or property damage insurance policy is required for the term of your lease. This important renters insurance coverage typically costs well under a dollar per day. This policy must provide coverage for damage you may cause due to water, fire, smoke and explosion.
  • Our Apartment Complexes request to be named as "Interested Party" or "Additional Interest" on your policy.
  • You are free to select any insurance provider as long as the minimum liability coverage requirements are met.

Please note that Media Real Estate and our Apartment Communities are not licensed to answer Insurance questions or advise on insurance matters, but can help you through this process. To obtain a quote, learn more, or purchase a Select Policy you may call (866) 654-9900 (free call, bilingual) or visit You will need to provide the following Community ID # (depending on the Apartment Complex you are moving into).

Apartment Community Name Community ID#
Woodlynne Apartments 8803142
Yorktown Apartments 8803143
43 East Front Street 8803144
2 West State Street 8803145
40 East Jefferson Street 8803146
Colonial Terrace Apartments 8803147
Brandywine Apartments 8803148
Concord Apartments 8803149
Greylock Apartments 8803150
Jamestown Apartments 8803151
Jeffersonian Apartments 8803152
Lexington Apartments 8803153
Madison Suites 8803154
Monticello Apartments 8803155
Parkside Apartments 8803156

Policy Features

  • Guaranteed acceptance for residents of Media Real Estate's various Apartment Communities (see list above).
  • No application needed.
  • Includes coverage for loss due to theft.
  • No deductible for claims involving covered damage to your apartment home.
  • Low $250 deductible for claims involving your personal possessions (contents).
  • Pay by money order, check, or credit card.
  • Resident claims are not reported to industry database.
  • Resident liability option - no coverage for possessions.
  • Premiums as low as $10 per month.

Media Real Estate and the above apartment communities are not affiliated with First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company and receives no commission or fee if you choose to purchase insurance coverage from First American Property and Casualty Insurance. For complete information regarding specific coverage and limits please refer to the policy.